• Jeff

Total Lock-Down

Well Boris's address to the nation last night has made all my decisions for me. No more non-essential journeys, everyone to stay in their homes, no meetings of more than 2 people and no change for the next 3 weeks. I understand why HMG are saying that and I need to concur.

So that means my decanting plan to Cayton Bay is shot out of the water and I am destined to remain at home for the foreseeable future. All that being emphasised by the caravan park informing all owners today to vacate the park and if that isn't sufficient guidance they add that they are turning off power to the site this evening.

With that behind me I turn to looking at how to occupy my time now that I know where I will be living(?) for the coming weeks. Well the weather is very mild and that encourages me to get out in the garden. Couple of years ago I bought an electric rotovater. Not powerful but big enough to turn over the two patches of open ground I had. Patch one is now turned over awaiting the next stage. I wonder what that is? Flowers, roses, bushes or vegetables? And once I decide how will I be able to get them delivered?