• Jeff

Today is our Wedding Anniversary

Updated: Mar 23

Today is Sunday 22 March 2020 and is Mary and my Wedding Anniversary. We have known each other for 33 years. Been together for 28 years and married for the last 18 years. On Tuesday I am leaving her.

That's not to be taken at face value. It is the Coronavirus pandemic that is forcing us apart for an undefined period of time but looking like 3 months or longer.

Whilst there is still no date for the introduction of the strongly advised self-isolation for those 'Over-70s with no underlying health conditions and not showing signs of illness' I know that many are already moving towards that position. I being one of those and apart from a visit to the barbers haven't been anywhere at all for five days now.

With me being 72 I will be following the guidance even more strongly once it is introduced nationally. Mary doesn't meet that age barrier as she repeatedly reminds me. She is therefore able to do most of the things she has always been able to do within reason and bearing in mind the social distancing guidelines. The fact that she can do all this brings its own problem about her bringing contamination into our house.

We have changed many of our internal arrangements to counter these potential problems. As part of our plans Mary had given up her two-days a week babysitting for two-years old Chloe and contact with six-years old Caitlin. The thought of depriving Mary of any contact with her two grandchildren for 3 months(?) is a big ask.

We have therefore agreed that I am to decant to our caravan at Cayton Bay for the foreseeable future.This will ensure that I have a safer home environment.This will allow Mary to have a more normal life and resume her regular contact with Chloe and Caitlin without worrying about bringing an infection into our home. Their parents (Caroline and Chris) are both key workers so will continue working and Mary can help out with babysitting duties as normal.

Quite a bit of preparation to undertake before that can happen but looking for me to move out probably on Tuesday. It is likely to take several supermarket runs to collect sufficient stuff to set me up for the coming weeks especially with demand exceeding supply on many items. We have agreed that we are initially stocking up for a 10-day period of solitary. There are a couple of options for restocking up after that but we have to think those through a little more first before deciding on anything.

I have plans to occupy me for a lot of the time over the coming weeks. Work on my third book has stagnated for a year now so I can pick that up and would hope to have published by the time that this episode is over. I will have a wifi service at the caravan which will be a lifeline for me. The phone will also be an important lifeline and the mobile signal at the caravan tends to be good.

Although I quite enjoy my own company three months without seeing anyone is going to be a big challenge. I don't under-estimate the mental implications of being alone for so long. That being the case I am setting up a Skype service in the hope that some of my friends might want to make contact and catch up on occasions over the coming weeks. I think that such contact is going to be important to me and phone calls as well as Skype calls are all going to be welcome.

I have no set plans for daily or even regular updates to this blog but will add as and when I full the urge to put something down in writing. At present this blog is personal to me and I have no plans to share it with anyone else though that may change as time progresses. Lets see how things go.