• Jeff

New holiday home guidance

Got up this morning to the news that the Government have provided the following new guidance about second homes which threatens to scupper all our plans even before they are started.

Who this guidance is for

This guidance is for people planning to visit second homes or holiday premises during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People should remain in their primary residence. Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk.

Chewed this over a bit and am still of a mind to travel to our Cayton Bay caravan tomorrow as planned. This is not meant to be in defiance of the guidance but I have no intention of putting 'additional pressure on communities or services' as I have no intention of using any of the local facilities or shops. Add to that the selfish intent for self-survival and it is a decision I am comfortable with.

As part of our planning Mary and I had talked about making half-way meets where we could swap food parcels for my laundry (there is no washing machine at the caravan I'm pleased to say). If that worked then there would be no need for me to venture out at all. Although I still didn't see the harm in me taking a daily walk to the long and wide Cayton Bay beach. It is reached easily from the caravan site and is a massive beach with no facilities there at all apart from on small beach/tea shop which would inevitably be closed anyhow. No dog restrictions all year round but with very limited parking space it is never bustling even in the peak summer months. I regard that as a safe environment where I could capture some welcome respite from the repetitive scenary from inside our caravan and a major boost to my own fitness, sanity and general well-being.

Yesterday I took a couple of photos of our garden. It is the time of year when the daffodils are in full bloom, it is a good time of year with promises of warmer times ahead. One of my favourite times and scenes of the year. I thought it would be good to take these images with me to remind me of what I am missing.