• Jeff

Another setback to plans

As well as having the caravan at Cayton Bay for family and friends to enjoy we also have a holiday home in the area which is there for purely commercial reasons as we let it out to holiday-makers. It is a two-bedroom cottage on The Bay at Filey Holiday Park. We have holiday makers staying there now. A couple and baby from Maidstone arrived last Friday for a 7-day stay.

In a surprise development today the owners of the Holiday Park, Aria Resorts, have issued notice to everyone staying on the park to withdraw with immediate effect as they are closing access to all. Seems that barriers have been set up at the entrance to the site to signify closure. Aria are not regarded as particularly responsive to any situation so this decisive action took us by surprise.

It may well indicate early reaction to some national news about to break as Boris is reacting to the seemingly lack of response to earlier pleas for people to stay indoors. The good weather over the weekend enticing families to funnel into coastal towns, parks and other areas of leisure.

Mary and I have therefore decided to delay my planned departure of tomorrow to see if the Government is to introduce the threatened national Lock-Down. That would result in the close of all caravan parks and my bolthole to Cayton would be closed. However if that ruling doesn't happen then the door is open to resume our masterplan. We've decided to give it time to see if Boris chooses that way forward or maybe the if the weather turns wet and windy then he may not need to take that ultimate step at all.