Jeff Jacklin



Welcome to my website which sets out to inform you about me and my work as a late-to-the-press author. Retiring after 30 years as an NHS I.T. Director in various hospitals around the country to get serious about things that have always interested me - writing being one, speaking being another.

I am now an experienced speaker on the Yorkshire club circuit and beyond into North Lincolnshire & Lancashire. I have four talks that have been improved and refined over the past four years to now offer a more relaxed and humourous presentation than many such groups are used to enjoying.


My original talk I have now given over 160 times and covers my 30 years working in the NHS by looking at the formation of this great institution and how things have changed during my lifetime. The second talk uses extracts from my book 'Bastard in Black' to inform groups of the trauma and satisfaction of controlling Sunday morning park football.


Talk 3 is a very light-hearted approach to preparing for, and enjoying more, your retirement. Then my latest concoction looks at the NHS today including how your local hospital is performing against national targets and other hospitals. Going on to look at what the NHS may look like in the future.


All talks contain a lot of humour and have been well received by all manner of groups. I donate my speaker's fee to the Kirkwood Hospice in Huddersfield by buying tickets for their Weekly Draw. Should I ever win the £750 first prize I would like to think that I would donate it back to the Hospice. However this has yet to be tested! 

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My first book - 'Bastard in Black!' - has surpassed all sales expectations even though it really came about by accident. A collection of stories written more than 20 years ago hastily put together to test out the self-publishing process in advance of a more serious writing exercise still to be started.

The humorous stories, anecdotes and experiences of a park life referee officiating in the local Sunday Leagues in Lincolnshire, Berkshire, West Yorkshire and Buckinghamshire are offered as a rare insight to the sometimes threatening, often hilarious, life behind the whistle.

The book quickly established itself as the top selling self-published book in the Amazon Top 100 Sports Books. Within one week of release 'Bastard in Black!' was hitting the Amazon charts and quickly established itself as....

    No.1 Top Selling Self-Published Football Book

    No.3 (out of 2,616) Top Selling Kindle Football Books

    No.7 (out of 39,997) Top Selling Kindle Sports Books

    No.19 (out of 306,161) Top Selling Football Books 

A second book was completed and released in 2018 covering the battle to keep a small West Yorkshire social club in business. 'Six Weeks To Save Rowley Hill Club' will be of interest to anyone serving in any capacity in managing a social club as it opens up on the struggle to stay in business experienced by amateur landlords when so many licenced premises are closing down even though run by seasoned professionals.

A third book will be released in 2020 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Huddersfield Veterans' Crown Green Bowling League where I am the League Secretary and a keen, but talent limited, bowler.

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